I started to wear colors again - as you can see, I got a little tired of monochrome minimalism. So this season I added not only this popping blue to my capsule wardrobe, but also yellow, which you will see in some of my upcoming posts. The approach is to keep the shapes simple, as I wear my Zign STUDIO Boots that resemble the sharp facade of the Philharmonic Orchestra, paired with my first tailor made piece of clothing ever: A chino pant by Selfnation. The loose fit allows to layer some pairs of wool tights below, which are beyond essential facing the Berlin Winter and the coldest wind. Having reduced my wardrobe to 50 pieces, I will keep on until I have 33 only. And a good pair of loose black pants have been on the list for a while. 

Boots: Zign STUDIO*
Pants: Selfnation*
Coat: ZARA, similar here
Bag: 3.1 Philip Lim, similar here or here

Travel: Milan for Minimalists / Architecture Guide

Milan was the escape-Berlin trip I booked for my birthday. Since I never was the type of person who plans too much, I just let it all come as it should and see: I accidentally had the greatest company on earth by Juule and Alice. I am pretty grateful that I can call those two spontaneous ladies my friends - especially because we had some massive foodporn going on, besides this architecture guide which I will present you in a second. Overall, I must admit that I am a huge Milan fan. The Area we stayed in was Navigli and located at the canal. As soon as you come closer to the city center, you see skyscrapers and the most charming restaurants. I will definitely visit Milan again, but for now, feel free to enjoy my top 6 locations for Architecture lovers:

Interior: Decor with AVALANCHE+®

Der feine Unterschied fällt oft erst beim Erblühen auf: die zunächst grünlichen Knospen öffnen sich in einer Drehbewegung und erbleichen ins Cremeweiße. Aus dem Herzen der Knospe kommen mehr und mehr Blütenblätter und vollenden die Blume. Um den prallen, rundlichen Kopf ranken sich die Schutzblüten in einem hellen grün. Viel dicker als die innere Knospe, legen sie sich um das schutzbedürftige Innere und legen eine Schicht nach der anderen frei. Die weiße AVALANCHE+® ist anders als die anderen, kaum mit Dornen bestückt ist der der Kopf so vollkommen, als wäre sie gemalt. Im Licht und Schattenspiel der trüben Wintertage bringen die leuchtenden Blumen einen Hauch von Wärme mit sich und geben einen Teil ihrer Feinheit in den Raum ab - kein Wunder, dass sie besonders auf Hochzeiten den Mittelpunkt der Bouquets schmückt. Als Füllmaterial für meinen Strauß wählte ich Eukalyptus, die rundlich blau-grünen Blätter schmiegen sich um die prallen schweren Blütenköpfe und Weidenzweige schlingen sich um das große Bouquet, damit möglichst wenig in ihrem Weg steht. Diese Feinheit wird von blauen Disteln gebrochen, die stachelig und grob ihren Weg durch den Strauß bahnen. Ohne Zweifel könnte ich die Avalanche Rose zwischen all den weißen Rosen unterscheiden, so genau betrachtet man sie unwillkürlich. Beim Floristen holte ich mir noch einige Tips, damit die Schönheiten möglichst lange frisch bleiben:

Outfit: Discover Milano with Herschel Studio // Universita Luigi Bocconi

 The University Luigi Bocconi was the very first stop in Milan. Right after our arrival, we left the apartment for food and the Fondazione Prada. On our way, we stumbled over this impressive building by the Grafton Architects. As the school is ranked as one of the most prestigious Business and Law institutes in the world, its no wonder that the building itself moves as skywards as their alumni. While the north site of the building faces the busy streets, the south and the west is calm and cold, forms a private space for the students and builds the perfect environment to learn. The entry is wide and open, it allows the public to enter the private space, invites them downstairs to the enormous exhibition space. The Classrooms are connected to each other through cylinder shaped staircases, with slim windows to embrace your inner observer. The whole area is the perfect playground for a city stroll and extremely welcoming. 

Outfit: Double Coating

Are two coats the new coat? Alice threw her Maison Martin Margiela Treasure around me, when she saw the good match - she probably has the radar for extraordinary combinations. The slim fit &otherstories Wrap Coat from last year literally asked for another cover, thats how thin the navy colored wool is. The egg-shaped black coat creates a silhouette in a completely different way then I usually wear. This outfit was not intended in any way, we were working on a project for another brand, when we gave this combo a quick shot. What do you think about double - coating? 

Navy Wrap coat - &otherstories very similar here and here 
Black Coat - MM6 Maison Martin Margiela (Alice) similar here and here
Boots - Vagabond similar here, here and here

Travel: A Warsaw Guide for Minimalists

 Every City has its corners for minimal lovers, if you put enough efforts in searching for them. Although this is not the right word. I have visited Warsaw with a semi-local yet everything-knowing polish Girl and another friend of mine and we literally had the best time ever. We strolled the city for four days, ate incredibly much on a low budget and I made my first eurodance experience and petted around 10 different dogs in only four days. But this is a different story, we now want to focus on contemporary architecture and cool spots in Warsaw that you should not miss, if you ever have the chance to visit the polish capital city. I hope this short Warsaw city guide helps you to experience the most of the city: